The Organ Systems

Background Info about your Organ Systems

There are MANY systems within a human being's body that help the human body do what it's able to do. Though some may find what's inside your body DISTURBING, it's quite interesting on what the organ system can do and it does what it does. It's still possible to live without a number of organs. An example is your appendix, where it can be removed if it becomes inflamed or ruptures. But after the appndix is removed, there is no real impact on your body, since even its function is unclear. Another example of when an organ is removed and you'll still be able to lead on a normal life is your gallbladder. Ater having your gallbladder removed, your liver will still produce bile, but the only difference is that the bile will go stright to the small intestine. The only difference is that large amounts of fatty, greasy, or high-fiber food will become harder to digest.

Here are all of the main organ systems of the human body and some info about them: